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1522 - Foundations of Cabala - Reuchlin - Wonder-Working Word

1522 - Foundations of Cabala - Reuchlin - Wonder-Working Word


A core concept in Esotericism is that words have metaphysical power and this work elaborates a combination of early Kabbalah and Christian mysticism to forge Cabala, one of the foundational aspects of all Western Occultism.  Here Reuchlin argues that the name of God contains a secret Kabbalistic aspect which hides the ‘wonder-working word’ of YH(Sh)VH, a combination of YHVH and Sh, thus producing an esoteric version of the name of Christ out of the Divine Name.  De Verbo would influence every major occultist of this period, especially John Dee, and this rare volume is a treasure.  Beautiful edition with golden edges, lovely binding and even printed the year that Reuchlin died.  Featured in an Esoterica episode! Quite Rare.


Rare edition of De Verbo mirifico by the German humanist and Kabbalist Reuchlin (1455-1522) given in Lyon printed by Jean de Tournes in 1552 in pretty italic, Hebrew and Greek characters. Fully tuned copy. Established in a contemporary binding in full calfskin. New edition of the first work on the subject by Reuchlin, author of a famous treatise De arte cabalistica (The Art of the Kabbalah), published in 1517. Author: Johannes Reuchlin Title: Ioannis Reuchlin Phorcensis LL. doctoris liber de verbo mirificoPublisher: Apud Ioan. Tornaesium, Lugduni and 1552 in -12 of 12.3x7.2cm of 324+index. Period binding in full calfskin, smooth spine adorned with a rich Renaissance decoration with gilded irons, mute, gilt frame fillet underlined with blind fillets, fleuron in the center all gilt edges. Solid volume, glued spine, level cap, split first joint, blunted corners, marks on the covers. Interior, Fragment cut from the title with loss of a line on the back. Traces of ink on the first 3 sheets. Marginal brownings at the beginning and at the end, overflow on the text of the last two leaves of text and on the ff of the index. Good readability.

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