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1552 - Collection of Hermetic & Pagan Wisdom - Stobaeus

1552 - Collection of Hermetic & Pagan Wisdom - Stobaeus


The 5th century scholar Joannes Stobaeus compiled a substantial anthology of classical wisdom for his son Septimius’ education.  This collection is important because without it many of the texts therein would have been lost to history!  This includes many texts in the Hermetic tradition but the collection ranges from topics on  natural philosophy, dialectics, and ethics, to politics, economics, and maxims of practical wisdom.  This is a wonderful collection of the Stobaen Anthology in small format form - the precursor to the paper-back - with nice indices, an ex-libris in Hebrew, and wonderful period marginalia.  I focused on this work extensively in my second episode on the fragments of Hermetic Wisdom.  A wonderful collection of ancient Hermetic and Pagan wisdom. Early Edition!


Title: Ioannis Stobaei Sententiae, ex thesavris Graecorum collectae, quarum authores circiter ducentos & quinquaginta citat, & in sermones siue locos communes digestae, per Conradum Gernerum, medicum tigurinum, latinitati donatae. Adiecta sunt & alia quaedam, vt sequente pagella indicatur. indices tres.
Author: Stobaios (Stobaeus), John
Published by Parisiis : Apud Gulielmum Cauellat, in pingvi Galliana, ex adverso collegii Cameracensis.
Description: kl-8°. approx. 100 + 1041 p. contemporary Ldr. The collection of excerpts from Greek texts compiled by Stobaios was intended as a textbook for his son Septimius, as can be seen from the introductory letter (surviving in the Bibliotheca of Patriarch Photius I). Only the last part of the actual foreword has survived. Book I and (in parts) Book II deal with the basics of physics and the rest of the collection with ethics. Of the 4 books in the collection, the second has survived only in fragmentary form, and the third and fourth books have survived only in a greatly altered form. In all, Stobaios cites over 500 Greek authors. Many of the most important fragments from the Greek dramatists (especially from Euripides) have survived only in this collection (cited from WP). - Binding bumped, endpaper and title page. with entries. Slightly trimmed, otherwise a good copy. Early edition.

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