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1565 - Esoteric Works of Cicero, Stoic Occultism & the Nature of the Gods

1565 - Esoteric Works of Cicero, Stoic Occultism & the Nature of the Gods


Cicero provides us with some of our best insights into Roman religion and philosophy, especially the going theology of the day.  This volume is a collection of Cicero’s more esoteric writings including On the Nature of the Gods, On Divination, On Fate, etc.  In these works he details Stoic and Platonic theories of occult cosmic sympathy by which divination and magic are said to work.  A fine volume from an illustrious printer - the House of Aldus, one of the premiere printers of the Renaissance. A wonderful volume of esoteric Roman philosophy and spirituality featured heavily on the Esoterica Episode about Stoic Occultism!
M. Ciceronis De Philosophia. Volume Secundum. De Natura Deorum, De Divinatione, De Fato, De Legibus, De Universitate, De Petitione Consulatus. Cum scholiis Pauli Manutii.
Aldus Venetiis 1565. - Paul ManutiusVenetian edition by Paolo Manuzio of the second part, totally in its own right, of the philosophical production of the great Roman politician, orator and philosopher. Binding in full period parchment, printer's brand of Paolo Manuzio on the title page, repeated on the colophon. Title page and last page strengthened. Leaves 258, 30 nn (full-leaf numbering). Good conditions (binding reassembled). Fresh interior with well bound text block.

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