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1592 - Complete works of Plato in Ficino Translation

1592 - Complete works of Plato in Ficino Translation


It’s said that “All of philosophy is mere footnotes to Plato” and that’s just as true for western mysticism.  Here is, without doubt, the most influential philosopher in the most impactful translation of Marsilio Ficino - The Complete Works of Plato in three volumes with copious commentary.  Of course, Ficino’s specific translation of Plato is itself a literary masterpiece and worth reading in its own right, especially for how his more neo-platonic renderings had a massive impact on the subsequent hermetic and occult revival. A lovely and somewhat rare edition containing the accepted works of Plato along with important apocryphal works such as the Alcibiades. A lovely late 16th century edition.


Divini Platonis Operum Omnium quae extant, ex Latina Marsilii Ficini versione, nunc multo accuratius quàm antea cum Graeco contextu collata, & quàm plurimis locis emendata. Apud Iacobum Stoer, Genevae - 1592 Original and unrestored bindings; old worn leather boards; lived-in, but very authentic appearance; spine with the original old linen; bindings excellent; content sometimes slightly browned, but in good condition and complete. 12.2 x 8.4 x 3.8 / 5.2 cm.

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