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1598/c. 1600 - Agrippa - The Occult Philosophy, Grimoires and Early Feminism

1598/c. 1600 - Agrippa - The Occult Philosophy, Grimoires and Early Feminism


Without doubt the most important work on Occultism ever composed, Agrippa's Three Books Of Occult Philosophy intact with numerous, beautiful woodcuts.  Here in an edition of 1600, part of his Opera Omnia, but also bound together with a collection of the most important grimoires of the era including: The spurious 4th Book of Occult Philosophy, lecture on Geomancy, The Heptameron of Peter Abano, various texts on the conjurations of goetic spirits, Pliny, etc., on Spirits, Gerard of Cremona's Astrological Geomancy, the famed book of planetary magic the Arbatel, the book of rapid knowledge magic the Ars Notoria, notes on spirit conjuration by Trithemius and and several others. This is truly a decisive volume in the history of occultism and very rare to find. If you’re reading this you’ll know that this volume is among the most valuable in the entire history of the occult arts.

Included in this set is also a slender volume of Agrippa's Declaration (1598) on the sublimity of the female sex and his short essay on the sacrament of matrimony both early proto-feminist views of women, very counter to the extreme misogyny of his day.  A fine volume to accompany this collection of radical occult philosophy.  

Full title: Opera in duos tomos concinne digesta & nunc denuo sublatis omnibus mendis [...] Part 1. Collation: (24), 694 pp. Condition: Contemporary leather strap. Band somewhat damaged and the front hinge split. Contents discoloured. (Independent) part 1 (of 2). Otherwise in fair to good condition. Lugdunum [=Lyon] is mentioned as the printer's place, but according to sources the book was actually printed in Strassburg. The book contains an engraved printer's vignette, a portrait of Agrippa and 10 (folding) tables with Hebrew letters. Furthermore, numerous engravings in the text. Very rare.


Agrippa - Henrici Cornelii Agrippae Ab Nettesheym, de Nobilitate et Praecellentia Foeminei - 1598, Modern marbled cardboard. Title piece in morocco on the back. Red slices. Clean interior. Vignette engraved on the title page.

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