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1617 - Ramon Llull's Mystical System of Philosophy - Complete Works

1617 - Ramon Llull's Mystical System of Philosophy - Complete Works


A beautiful edition of the collected works of the Catalan mystic, philosopher, knight and alchemist Ramon Llull.  His system, or Ars Magna (The Great Art), was a system of combination by which all truth could be derived, from alchemy to theology, almost like an algorithm for reality itself.  His system would earn him the condemnation of the Inquisition but the praise of many subsequent occult authors from Bruno to Agrippa.  This volume contains his complete work, along with many foldouts, and beautiful diagrams all within a tight and handsome binding.  A truly spectacular volume and a cornerstone of Western Esotericism.


Llull, Raymond. Raymundi Lullii Opera Ea Quae ad adinventam ab Impso Artem Universalem. Strasbourg, Zetzner, 1617.  Collection of the works of Raymond Lully printed for the first time in 1598 then 1609. We find gathered there most of the works of Lully relating to his method, or to Ars Magma.Contents: 1. "Ars Brevis." 2. "From Auditu Kabbalistico seu Kabbala." 3. “Duodecim Principia Philosophiae Lullianae.” 4. "Dialectica seu Logica." 5. Rhetorica." 6. "Ars Magna". Missing Commentary section.

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