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1658 - Paracelsus on Medicine, Spagyrics, Alchemy & the Occult

1658 - Paracelsus on Medicine, Spagyrics, Alchemy & the Occult


Paracelsus was truly the most maverick and revolutionary alchemist in European history.  Here we have a volume of his medical works, including his decisively important Paramirum and Paragranum where he sets out his foundational reworking of alchemy, magic, medicine and the occult.  A huge volume in full folio, with numerous works on medicine and spagyrics, this is the kind of volume that comes to mind when you think of a tome of alchemy. This Latin translation of his medical works formed the foundation of the Paracelsian revolution and influenced everything from early pharmacology to literature such as Frankenstein.  Truly a decisive important work in this history of alchemy, science and the occult - featured in the Esoterica series on Paracelsus! 


Paracelsi (Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim) Opera omnia Medico-chemico-chirurgica , tribus voluminibus comprehensa Geneva, Jean Antoine and Samuel de Tournes, 1658. Volume I Folio. Size 8.5 by 13.5" Frontispiece printed in red and black with intaglio vignette, portrait of the author engraved in copper by François Chauveau (preliminary page with portrait with trimmed margins) 18th century half vellum binding with period marbled covers Some wear, toning, foxing, a few pages with dirty upper corners (visible on one of the photos) Text in Latin Caillet 8283; Wellcome IV, 293.

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