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1669 - Albertus Magnus - Medieval Natural Magic, On the Secrets of Women

1669 - Albertus Magnus - Medieval Natural Magic, On the Secrets of Women


A fantastic work on natural magic and the secrets of women.  Drawing on Hippocratic, Galenic, and Aristotelian theories, this text discusses sexuality and reproduction from both a medical and philosophical perspective. Over eighty manuscript copies of the treatise have been identified, and it has been translated into multiple different languages over several centuries.  It also explores the action of astrological forces on fetal development.


Also included in this volume the  On the Secrets of Nature (Secretis Naturae) by the Scottish alchemist and alleged necromancer Michael Scot.


A wonderful volume of medieval magic and science!


Features the title Amstelodami, Apud Henricum et Theod. Boom, 1669, in-12, 329- [6] pp, includes the engraved title, Havana Basane of the Time, Reprint of the 1665 Janssonium Edition. It is adorned with the copper-engraved frontispiece title representing putti , used by Janssonium from 1643. This 13th-century Dominican book Albert the Great on Women's Diseases and Childbirth is sometimes considered apocryphal and attributed to one of his disciples, Henry of Saxony or Thomas of Saxony. Cantipré. It is followed by the Secretis naturae by Scottish alchemist Michael Scot (pp. 204-329). Former ex-libris stamp of a medical professor, whose name has been cut out. Used binding. Good interior condition, despite a thin clear wet on a few sheets. Krivatsy 122. Wellcome II, 24.

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