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1681 - Lemnio - Occult Secrets of Nature

1681 - Lemnio - Occult Secrets of Nature


Lemnius (1505 – 1568) was a Dutch physician and author who studied medicine under Rembert Dodoens, Konrad Gesner and Vesalius who most famous work is his "On the Occult Miracles of Nature" which discusses a wide range of natural magical cures, spiritual advice and techniques for curing illness and extending life.  First published in 1559 it went through numerous editions and was translated into several vernacular languages. Among the topics discussed are balneology, teratology, psychiatry and precious stones.


De Miraculis occultis naturae libri IV, item de Vita cum animi et corporis incolumitate recte instituenda liber unus, illi. emendati. et aucti : hic vero nunquam. editus, auctore Levino Lemnio - Antverpiae, Ex oficina Christophori Plantini, Architypographi Regii M. D.LXXXI, Antverpiae, 1681


In-16 16 x 10 cm. Period binding in Havana calfskin, spine with raised bands framed in gilt iron, iron on the first and second cover, [14]-582-[25] pp. Cracked edges, blunted and rubbed corners, cropped margins. As is. Text in Latin. Levinus Lemnius (1505-1568) was a Dutch Catholic physician and astrologer. His book De Miraculis occultis naturae (The Hidden Miracles of Nature) is a compendium on the secret phenomena of life.

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