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1694 - Possession, Exorcism and Execution at Loudon

1694 - Possession, Exorcism and Execution at Loudon


Here we have a first edition of Nicolas Aubin’s Histoire des Diables de Loudun,ou De la Possession des Religieuses Ursulines… from 1694, one of the most complete, near-contemporary accounts of the possessions of the nuns at Loudon and the eventual execution by burning alive of Urbain Grandier.  Without doubt, the very public possessions, exorcisms and execution was the most hideous and spectacular case in early-modern European history.  This account combines the first hand account of Aubin along with a range of first hand documents from the period, including sections of the exorcist-interrogations.  A fantastic glimpse into the period and featured in the Esoterica episode on the Loudon Possessions.


Aubin Nicolas - History of the Devils of Loudun, or The Possession of the Ursuline Nuns, and The Condemnation & the Torture of Urbain Grandier Curé of the same City. In Amsterdam, Chez Abraham Wolfgang, Prés de la Bourse 1694. First edition. 1fb., 473pp., Complete with white sheet between pp. 94 and 95., 19x9cm. Cream vellum leather binding (publisher) for this rare first edition, spine with 5 raised bands, motifs stamped in the compartments. Friction, normal wear (not serious) on corners (slightly scratched) and borders, lack of leather at the tail of the spine (see photo) joints a little split (not serious) at the head and tail, vellum on the covers soiled by the 'use. Interior some dampeners without consequence and a little soiled by use (not serious). First edition of this report concerning the possession of the Ursulines of Loudun and the famous witchcraft trial that followed. Urbain Grandier was burned alive at Loudun in 1634.

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