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c. 1660 - Cicero on Divination, Stoic Metaphysics & the Nature of the Gods

c. 1660 - Cicero on Divination, Stoic Metaphysics & the Nature of the Gods


Cicero was the most famous Roman orator and statesman of the late Republic but he was also a keen philosopher, including works which give us important glimpses into the divinatory practices of that period. This handsome volume contains the Epistles of Cicero but also, and more importantly for anyone interested in classical esotericism, his works “On the Nature of the Gods” and “On Divination” where he discusses the philosophy behind the divination practices of his day along with the occult means of sympathy by which Stoics held the cosmos to be bound together, thus setting the stage for much magical theory as well.  This volume also contains his “On Duties” which also captures the philosophical debates of the late Republic.  A must have for anyone interested in ancient Astrology, Magic, Roman Theology or Divination.  


Marci Tullii Cicero - Ciceronis Operum - SD (1661?) - Volume III and IV -

Good condition of the binding, work in its full period calfskin, rubbing from use, straight joint cracked with small lack of materials but solid binding, rubbed corners, flyaway caps, decorated ribbed spine, red spotted edges, titling and volume number golden -

Good interior condition, scattered dirt, pretty bands, beautiful initials, ends on a magnificent tail lamp typical of the 17th century, handwritten ex libris 


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