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1556 - Iamblichus - On the Mysteries of the Egyptians + Theurgy

1556 - Iamblichus - On the Mysteries of the Egyptians + Theurgy


One of the most important texts in the history of Neo-Platonism, Theurgy and Occultism! This wonderful volume from 1556 contains Iamblichus' detailed defense of theurgy as a means of philosophical and spiritual ascent.  A beautfiul volume and very addordable considering it's age.


Published by Ap. Antonium Bladum. Sumptibus Vincentij Luchrini , Romae,, 1556
Cm. 19.5, pp. (20) 148. On the title page, woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatory of the edition, Cristoforo Madruzzo, Prince Bishop of Trento. Inhabited woodcut drop caps, preliminary index. Recent binding in cardboard decorated with nails. Some slight reddening, however, genuine and well preserved specimen. Ex-libris by Gefter Wondrich. Rare sixteenth-century Roman edition of the Latin translation by Nicola Scutelli (Augustinian friar, writer, political secretary and translator from Trentino who died in 1542) of one of the main occult writings developed in the context of ancient Neoplatonism, Iiamblico's De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum. Replying to a critique of Porphyry regarding the emphasis on the importance of mystery rites in philosophical practice, Iamblichus argued the superiority of theurgy over rational inquiry alone for the purpose of real understanding of the divine world and of man's union with it. Only the first part of the volume is present, perfectly complete in itself; the second, constant of 68 pp. with autonomous numbering, it contained the life of Pythagoras but is missing. Cf. Caillet (5490): "Edition la plus estimée donnant de précieux documents sur l'hermetisme et le magisme qui florissaient chez les grands peuples de l'antiquité et en particulier chez les Orientaux."; Bibl. Magica Casanatense, 628. Seller Inventory # 70185

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