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Esoterica Ex-Libris

Those that have an interest in hermetic and occult philosophy very usually share a deep and abiding love of antiquarian books.  However, the world of rare books can be a bit of a labyrinth.    Hoping to bridge the gap between the world of rare and antiquarian books for those interested in hermetic and occult philosophy, Dr. Sledge has started the project of Esoterica Ex-Libris. 


Here, he curates for purchase a small selection of antiquarian books on topics and themes discussed on his Youtube Channel Esoterica.  This allows those interested in the world of Esoterica to own a real piece of Hermetic and Occult history. 


Each volume comes with a certificate of authenticity with the Esoterica Seal, signed by Dr. Sledge and 10 day no-questions asked return policy. Such volumes have survived centuries - very often being subjected to intense repression - and Dr. Sledge is happy to find them homes where they will be cherished.  Please contact him via the contact page (or click this link) if you have questions or wish to make a purchase.

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