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Dr. Sledge teaches on a wide variety of topics and in many different institutions and settings.  If you would like to speak with him about teaching engagements please see the contact page.

Social-Political Theory and Ethics:

Foundations and Development of the American Experience

A year long course focusing on the development of western liberalism and capitalism from ancient Greece, through the middle ages, Enlightenment up to the rise of Communism and Fascism

Ethical Theory & Applied Ethics

Introduction to major ethical theories and their implications for contemporary moral problems

Values in the Modern World

The rise of humanism and its discontents including Renaissance thinkers and the critiques of Structuralism

General Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

A introduction to major questions such as the nature of reality, the existence of God, the ability to know the truth, and he meaning of life

Critical Thinking

The art of informal logic, the dangers of fallacious reasoning, and the use and misuse of argumentation and rhetoric

Fundamental Issues in Philosophy

Investigation into the rise of modern metaphysics with an emphasis on the 'transition' from medieval to modern philosophy

Esoteric Philosophy

A wide range of topics in Esoteric Philosophy or Western Esotericism including Alchemy, Magic, the philosophy of esoteric early modernism, occult semiotics, Gnosticism and late classical neo-pagan philosophy, Hermetic philosophy, Kabbalah, Witchcraft and the Witch Hunts and major figure studies such as Ficino, Bruno, Dee, Pico and others.

Radical Political Philosophy

Wide range of topics including the pre-history of socialism (Muntzer, the Levelers, the millenarian movement, Jacobinism), the Frankfurt School, the philosophical pre-history of dialectical materialism, the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Mao, studies of capitalism and fascism, the new Communism (Negri, Badiou, Guattari, etc), analytic Marxism

Religious Studies

The Human and the Divine

A specialized seminar into the nature, history and existence of Evil from ancient demonology to Black Metal Theory

Philosophy of Religion

The nature of God, possible proofs for God, the paradox of omnipotence and evil, the eternity of the soul with an emphasis on Islamic precursors to western thought

A Host of Jewish Studies including

Jewish mysticism before the Kabbalah (Hekhalot, Merkavah, Sefer Yetzirah, Shi'ur Komah, etc.), Jewish spirit possession, angels and demons, heretics and heresies, ancient Near-East comparative religious texts and practices, Jewish philosophy, Zohar and early Kabbalah, etc.


Introduction to Latin Paleography with emphasis on historical script form, reproduction, abbreviation, and scribal culture.  Taught at the Memphis College of Art.

Reading Groups and Private Sessions

Dr. Sledge has also hosted semi-private reading groups on the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari, Spinoza, the western esoteric tradition, Bataille, Lukács, Marx, and others.


He has also undertaken intensive private tutoring with dedicated individuals.

 Please contact him with interest.

Lecturing on love - why not start with the Sumerians? 

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