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Education neither begins nor ends within the walls of the academy and Dr. Sledge is excited to share his knowledge and learn with others.

Dr. Sledge is available to lecture, learn, and investigate with you and your group.  His wide range of knowledge in the field of religion esoteric and exoteric philosophy provide him the ability to provide excellent educational and religious context to your study group, faith organization, or reading circle.  He has lectured to hundreds and studied with small groups on a wide variety of subjects in his expertise.  

In addition to lecturing Dr. Sledge has also provided consultation on medieval manuscripts, books and artifacts of an esoteric nature. Dr. Sledge has proficiency in German, French, Latin, Greek, ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic along with medieval Latin paleography, esoteric/occult/alchemical scripts and symbolism.  In fact, he was a member of the European Voynich Manuscript Transcription Project!

Finally, Dr. Sledge is also available to consult on occult or esoteric topics for media, film, and documentary purposes.    Please use the Contact page for rates and availability. 

Please use the contact page if you wish to reach him for any other requests.  Please note that Dr. Sledge unfortunately doesn't have time to answer every specific question.  Feel free to join him on Youtube livestreams for answers to specific academic or otherwise Esoterica related questions.

Also note that Dr. Sledge does not provide religious or spiritual advice or counseling.

calligraphy by Dr. Sledge 

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