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1557 - Most Important Mystical Text - Pseudo-Dionysius Complete Works

1557 - Most Important Mystical Text - Pseudo-Dionysius Complete Works


Without doubt, Dionysius the Areopagite is the most foundational of all western mystics. Works such as On the Divine Names, On the Celestial Hierarchy and On Mystical Theology set the tone for all subsequent Christian and occult mysticism.  From angelic ranks to the ‘via negativa’ of theology, these works are of profound importance, bound here in a rather rare and lovely edition of 1557. A wonderful chance to own a piece of Neo-Platonic and Mystical history.


Dionysius, The Areopagite. Opera Omnia Quae Exstant. Eiusdem Vita Scholia incerti authoris in librum de ecclesiastica hierachia … (28), 272ff., old vellum with ms. lettered title on spine, 8vo. Cologne: haeredes Arnold Birckman, 1557. Neat binding, quite a good copy, f.244 clean tear across the leaf (no loss), ff.102/103 marginal stain (sm) goes onto text, some fol. misnumberng (a few more than usual, but complete); old armorial bkplt of George Cardale, oval stamp 'Western Dene Library Albury' on title (goes over 2 printed letters), old Jesuit ms. ownership above; historiated initials, this edtn not in Adams

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