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1584 - Psalms of King David  & Stoicism of Epictetus

1584 - Psalms of King David & Stoicism of Epictetus


An interesting combination of Israelite Religion and Pagan Stoicism in 1 volume.  Printed by the famed Plantin shop in Antwerp - which still functions as a museum today - this curious edition is a printing in Greek and Latin of both the Psalms of David along with the famed Handbook of Stoicism by Epictetus, along with the Tablet of Cebes, a cautionary allegory for living the philosophical life. A great reminder of true Renaissance values.  The buyer purchased both Israelite and Pagan literature and had them bound together as a kind of Vade Mecum, combining both praise of the monotheistic God with Pagan Stoic and Platonic wisdom into a handy volume, small enough to be carried in a pocket for meditation, reflection and worship.  This volume is rather rare with the three books bound together and wonderful Renaissance exemplar.


1584. Christophe Plantin (drukker), Epictetus - Davidis Regis ac prophetæ Psalmorum liber [Gebonden met:] Epicteti Enchiridion: hoc est Pugio, sive - 1584. Psaltērion prophētou kai basileōs tou Dabid = Davidis regis ac prophetae Psalmorvm liber : ad exemplar Complutense - Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, 1584 - 267 (12) pp [Bound with:] Epicteti Enchiridion : hoc est Pugio, sive ars humamae vitae correctrix & item Cebetis Thebani tabula, qua vitae humanae prudenter instituendae ratio continetur, Graece & Latine - Antwerp, Christoffel Plantijn, 1585 - 87 (1) pp - parchment. Fairly good. No endpapers, remains of lower strap. Title page somewhat grubby, tear, 0.5 cm, side edge, interior discolored, a spot here and there, blueing along edge(s) of the first 10 pp, damp spot in the margin of about 30 leaves. Some easel types ( few pages dog-eared). About 10 leaves from the second book were trimmed at the bottom, rather tightly bound. In Greek and Latin. Rare.

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