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1590/1 - The Occult Secrets of Nature & Medicene

1590/1 - The Occult Secrets of Nature & Medicene


Lemnius (1505 – 1568) was a Dutch physician and author who studied medicine under Rembert Dodoens, Konrad Gesner and Vesalius who most famous work is his "On the Occult Miracles of Nature" which discusses a wide range of natural magical cures, spiritual advice and techniques for curing illness and extending life.  First published in 1559 it went through numerous editions and was translated into several vernacular languages. Among the topics discussed are balneology, teratology, psychiatry and precious stones.  Indeed, He contributed to demonology, with Johann Weyer - the student of Agrippa -  by suggesting that mental illness could be physically caused, rather than being a result of outside influence. He also credited Solomon with the invention of the magnetic compass.  As a “Book of Secrets” the text straddled the line between medicine, occult philosophy, magic and alchemy and was certainly the kind of work that inspired Frankenstein, with his discussion of Monsters.  A curious, influential and wonderful volume of occult science and medicine!


1590/1.  De Miraculis Occultis Naturae Libri IIII [with] Medici Zirizaei, de Habitu et Constitutione Corporis...Author: Lemnius, Levinus, Frankfurt, Ex officina typographica Ioannis Wecheli. 1590-1591. Description: [16], 582, [54]; [14], 185, [9] pp. 12x8 cm (4½x3"), early stiff parchment, faded ink author/title on spine.  Contemporary signatures and ex-libris inside front cover and blanks.  Red and Black title, nice initials and contemporary marginalia throughout.  Light binding wear, trimmed close at top, sometimes affecting header towards end.  Typical browning.  Very good overall.  

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