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1619 - On Natural Magic - Magia Naturalis - Giambattista della Porta

1619 - On Natural Magic - Magia Naturalis - Giambattista della Porta


Classic volume on natural magic featuring a range of magical experiments including a very early recipe for recreational psychedelic drug use.  Perhaps one of the most popular works on natural magic - Early Edition!


I. Baptistae Portae Neapolitani, Magiae Naturalis libri viginti, in quibus scientiarum naturalium divitiae, & deliciae demonstratur. Iam de novo, ab omnibus mendis repurgati, in luce prodierunt. Hanoviae, Typis Wechelianis, impensis Danielis hac Davidis Aubriorum & Clementis Schleichii. M.DC. XIX. Volume in 8th (cm. 17.6 x 10.2). Contemporary full semi-rigid binding with handwritten title on the spine. Pages uniformly red but still legible. Marginal restoration on p. 232-233. Old signature on the title page dated 1730; some halos due to ancient abrasion. Example in fair state of conservation. Coll.: pp. (32) 622 (2). Some woodcut images in the text. Bibl.: Riccardi (ad vocem) 1/17; Duveen and Caillet for other editions. On the title page and on the last page of ex libris text applied by "Nicolao de Nobili"; only the typographical text on the title page; at the end in its entirety framed in friezes; see Bertarelli-Prior, The Italian ex libris, Hoepli 1902, p.276. Example free from faults - beautiful edition.

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