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1680 - Duns Scotus on the Univocity of Being

1680 - Duns Scotus on the Univocity of Being


The Subtle Doctor, Duns Scotus, produced one of the most daring metaphysical projects of the medieval ages - the defense of the concept of the univocity of being. Here Scotus champions the notion that natural theology and philosophy can be only performed if ‘being’ is said in ‘one voice’ of any being whatever, including God.  This philosophical position was shocking in its time because it threatened to make God simply a being among beings, qua being.  This volume contains some of Scotus’ key writings on Univocity along with a small unbound section - books were sold unbound - still stuffed into the volume.  Lovely contemporary binding with some old owner signatures. Featured in the Esoterica episode on Duns Scotus and the Univocity of Being!


Octave volume, 3 parts in one volume, 16 x 11 cm. 148 p., 2 unnum. ll., 22 unnum. ll., 325 p., 1 white leaf, damaged lower right, 72 numbered ll. Parchment binding with title (Scotus Quodlibeta) and old signatures (C ... XVI); Woodcut on the title (cat with mouse). Parts of the strap loose. Damp patches, occasional tanning. "Syllabus" apparently incomplete (last two leaves missing) Cover sheet with modern description F JOAN DUNS SCOTI - Doctoris subtilis Ordinis minorum - Theologorum omnium principis - Disputationes Collationales - Nuperrimae a R. P. Saluatore Bartolucio de Assisio … VENETIIS Apud haeredes Melchioris Sessae MDLXXX. 1680

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