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1701 - Alchemic Secrets by the "Spagyric Duke"

1701 - Alchemic Secrets by the "Spagyric Duke"


Known as the “Spagyric Duke” in his lifetime Carlo Lancilotti gained fame for treating strange medical cases using Paracelsian theories through Italy and France, especially the case of 1677 stopping bleeding that had lasted for 13 months and causing a snake-like creature to discharge through urine in a patient. His 1701 volume of alchemical-medical secret is a curious volume of Spagyric medicine with numerous preparations taken from herbs, metals, oils and informed by astrology and the theory of sympathies.  The index features both a list of ingredients but also various maladies and their treatments. A fascinating volume both in the history of alchemy and also medicine!  


1701. Carlo Lancilotti. Il Vaglio ovvero secreti chimici (The Sieve or Alchemical Secrets) In-16° (148 x 80 mm.), pp. (14), 240, (21), contemporary binding in vellum, title on the spine. Slight marginal stains. Italian. 240 pages + Indices. Rare working copy of a manual of alchemical medicine.


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