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1708 - Cudgel Against Demons - Exorcism Manual - Necromantic Underground

1708 - Cudgel Against Demons - Exorcism Manual - Necromantic Underground


Before standardization by the Church, the rite of exorcism was performed in a wide range of forms, often specifically suited for specific cases of possession.  Thus, numerous exorcism manuals were published.  Though, these volumes often sat uncomfortably close to the clerical necromantical practices of the time.  So much so that volumes like this one would come to be banned by the very church itself.  This beautiful exorcism manual contains means to combat demons from ‘standard’ exorcism, to casting out demons with incense, oils and even anti-magic incantations to defend against witchcraft.  Truly and outstanding work of the period and even featured in an episode of Esoterica!


1708. Fustis Daemonum, Adjurationes. (Cudgel against Demons).- Girolamo Menghi (also Mengo, Mengus; 1529-1609) Girolamo Menghi . Frankfurt, Joh. Adolphus. Class-8° missing pp. 273-79 and the 17 index pages. On p. 149/50 there is a missing passage in the text (some loss of text). From page 247 onwards, small and larger missing areas have been restored/added with tracing paper (loss of text). Paper only slightly brown stained in places.

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