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1717 - First Printed Gnostic Cathar Theology w/ other Heresies

1717 - First Printed Gnostic Cathar Theology w/ other Heresies


This massive volume - 40x27cm, 16x10.5in - appearing otherwise innocuous, is actually a decisively important tome in the history of Heresy.  Composed of miscellaneous hitherto unprinted medieval treatises, many now lost, this volume is our best witness to the medieval ‘heresies’ of the Waldensians and, most importantly, the Gnostic Cathars. In the only print edition, this volume contains the writings of Ranieri Sacconi (d. c. 1263) a converted Cathar turned Dominican Inquisitor and provides us our best witness to the doctrines and practices of the mysterious Gnostic Cathars and Waldensians (pg. 1759 et passim). These writings are so important they are still reprinted in collections about the Cathars (Wakefield and Evans - Heresies of the High Middle Ages) - a fascinating glimpse into Catharism from an ex-Cathar. Also includes texts by the English Venerable Bead, sermons against Jews and Judaizers, books against Semoniac heretics, banned philosophical treatises of Abelard and other texts, a real treasure of medieval banned and heretical literature. Certainly of interest for medieval heresy and Gnostic Catharism.


1717.  Thesaurus novus anecdotorum tomus quintus : complectens SS. Patrum, aliorumque auctorum ecclesiasticorum. Ed. Edmond Martène (O.S.B.), Ursin Durand. Paris.  Provenance: Ex Crozer Library, alma of Martin Luther King Jr. Monumental volume in folio.  Contemporary calf with gilded seal on front cover, gild title on spine.  Leather weak, with front leather detached but cords holding, a bit fragile.  Rubbed and showing some age.  Title in red and black stamped with Crozer library.  1967 pages plus index - a truly massive volume.  Typical browning and some foxing but text still quite clean.  Beautifully printed with numerous initials and engravings. A beautiful volume, scarce.

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