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1765 - Epistles of Bernard of Clairvaux w/ Templar texts & Hildegard of Bingen

1765 - Epistles of Bernard of Clairvaux w/ Templar texts & Hildegard of Bingen


A lovely edition of the epistles and major treatises of the mystic Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor Mellifluus, who Pope Pius XII declared as the last of the Fathers of the Church.  Celebrated for his Contemplative Mysticism of Love, famously articulated in the Sermons on the Song of Solomon, Bernard was also co-founder of the legendary Knights Templar.  This volume should be of especial interest in that regard, given that it contains Bernard’s letter to his cousin Hugues de Payens, another co-founder of the Templars along with Bernard’s “Liber ad milites templi de laude novae militiae - Book to the Knights of the Temple, in praise of the new knighthood - the most important founding document of the Order.  There Bernard outlines the purpose, spirituality and rules of the new Templar Order.  An important and valuable volume for anyone interested in Grail legends, Freemasonry and the Templar Knights.  This volume also includes his major spiritual and mystical treaties along with his brief correspondence with the mystical Hildegard of Bingen, among numerous other letters.  A beautiful volume and important for the history of mysticism and Templar lore!   


1765. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux - Sancti Bernardi Abbatis Primi Clarae-Vallensis Opera - Volume I, state printing by Verona.  Black and red letters on title  Period white board cover, in monumental folio, uncut from printer, deckle edges.  Edges rubbed with some browning, foxing - typical of the age. Two volumes in one + notes by Mabiloni + Index.  Fine internal condition, lovely paper and printing.  Complete.  

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