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1776 - Grimoire Le Petit Albert, inspired by Agrippa & Paracelsus

1776 - Grimoire Le Petit Albert, inspired by Agrippa & Paracelsus


Perhaps the most popular early-modern grimoire, hated by both the Enlightenment and the Church as being superstitious nonsense or directly associated with Black Magic. Indeed, it would have an important impact on the development of Voodoo/Hoodoo in the US. The Little Albert is a compendium of alchemical and magical texts, many drawn from Paracelsus and Agrippa, along with a strong dose of folk magic.  The text includes everything for preparing soap, erotic binding magic, taking flight at great speeds, various talismans, magic squares and occult sigils - some in handsome printed fold-outs.  Most infamously it contains the recipe for preparing the “Hand of Glory” from the amputated hand of an executed criminal. A wonderful grimoire printed in 1776, the same year of the creation of the United States, and a lovely foundational-piece for any occult library. 


1776. Le Petit Albert - Secrets Merveilleux de la Magie Naturelle et Cabalistique du Petit Albert - Lyon. Fair condition of the binding, book in its brown half-leather with period corners, scuffs and small losses of leather on the spine which is crumbling a little, worn crowns, smooth spine - Good interior condition, pretty banners, some foxing, some slightly frayed bottom of pages with small loss of paper not touching the text, lamp ends, work decorated with beautiful out-of-text engravings, some of which on folding boards.  240 pgs w/ Index - Complete.

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