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1786 - Secret Documents of the Illuminati

1786 - Secret Documents of the Illuminati


This is a rare collection of Illuminati writings seized during a series of state raids and then published.  In fact, some of the other writings are compiled by informers on the orders of the Elector. Franz of the Rhine district in Speyer, was an exponent of the secret order in the Bavarian capital, and fled briefly to Paris in 1786. The publication of this material, ordered by the Elector, was a clever government counterattack against the prevailing pro-Illuminati press. Through them, moderate supporters of the Enlightenment, Bavarian patriots and many former Illuminati who were not privy to the order's inner secrets were able to be convinced of the justification of the government's measures to repress them.  Thus, these texts represent the ‘secret teachings’ of the Illuminati, printed near the final defeat and banning of the movement - a positively fascinating moment in esoteric history, one reaching down to today.  


1786. Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens, welche bey dem gewesenen Regierungsrath Zwack durch vorgenommene Hausvisitation zu Landshut den 11. und 12. Oktob. etc. 1786 vorgefunden worden. Sowie: Nachtrag von weiteren Originalschriften, welche die Illuminatensekte überhaupt, sonderbar aber den Stifter derselben, Adam Weishaupt . betreffen, und bey der auf dem Baron Bassusischen Schloße zu Sandersdorf, einem bekannten Illuminaten-Neste vorgenommenen Visitation entdeckt, . gedruckt . Zwei Bände. 

Some original writings of the Illuminati Order, which were presented to the former government councilor Zwack through a house visit in Landshut on October 11th and 12th. etc. found in 1786. As well as: Addendum of other original writings that describe the Illuminati sect in general, but strangely the founder of it, Adam Weishaupt. concern, and discovered during the visitation made at the Baron Bassus Castle in Sandersdorf, a well-known Illuminati hideout. printed. Two volumes. 3 sheets, 407 pp., 3 folded tables; 1 page, 251 pp., 1 page, 4 pages Tab., 159 pages, 1 page, 1 book. Tab. Pfister I, 503 and 504; Wolfstieg II, 42770 and 42773; see Lentner 3436 and 3435. The first volume from the year of the first edition published by Lentner, the addendum in the first edition. - Slightly foxed, 2nd volume a little stronger, some marginalia in lead, the titles old stamped. Language: German Bound in contemporary boards. The covers are slightly worn and stained. Pages Uncut.  

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